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The Way of the Generative Warrior
and how to train to manifest your Potential while eliminating the interferences that limit you.

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Couverture du livre La voie du guerrier et ses modèles de Gaetan Sauvé et publications Succès-Do

The way of the warrior

We want a role model that can help us consciously engage in action, achieve self-control, and find meaning in our life. The Way of the Warrior answers this quest.

Gaetan Sauvé

Find out how the spirit of the warrior is needed in these times of global upheaval and why we need people of action who engage through various causes to find pragmatic solutions to the problems and multiple crises of this new millennium.

and its models

About the Path of the Warrior

 Our primary intention with the Warrior Model is to share with you a series of practical models and tools that can be used to activate your Inner Warrior to realize yourself on the outside.  

50 years of research on the martial path and its practical application led to the creation of the website, La Voie du Guerrier.

The author of this site has embarked on the martial path with the goal of developing all his physical, mental and spiritual faculties.

His mission to which he has been committed all his life is to practice the martial way in order to reach the highest possible level and, at the same time, to share this knowledge with people who wish to follow the path. Practice and teaching have always been inseparable for the author.


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Les 5 livres de la série Autodéfense psychoverbale de Gaetan Sauvé disponible au


Shihan Gaëtan Sauvé, 6th dan

Director of the Virtual Dojo



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