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Over the years, Gaëtan Sauvé has deepened his knowledge and practice, studying various disciplines such as NLP, mindfulness, hypnosis, generative trance* and martial arts. Through this quest for wisdom and understanding, Gaëtan has developed a unique and holistic approach that allows him to tackle life's challenges with courage, creativity and determination.


Today, through, Gaëtan generously shares his experience and his passion for personal development.  He offers workshops, training and online resources to support people willing to follow the path of the creative and generative warrior. Her caring and empathetic approach creates a safe and stimulating environment in which everyone can explore their potential and achieve their dreams.


Gaëtan is convinced that each of us has within us the necessary resources to become a creative and generative warrior. It invites us to reconnect with our core essence, cultivate our awareness and develop authentic relationships with others. Its message is a call to action, an encouragement to dare to step out of our comfort zone and embrace life with boldness, passion and gratitude.


Join Gaëtan Sauvé and the growing community of creative and generative warriors, and discover how you too can transform your life and live a life rich in experiences, learning and fulfillment. Together we can create a better world, starting with ourselves.

* The concept of the three minds or field was developed by Stephen Gilligan. Although we find these three concepts in many traditional paths. Since 1978, I have used the concept of the subconscious, conscious and supraconscious mind which is similar or the first, second and third attention in my books. I use this concept extensively in the Generative Warrior approach. Stephen Gilligan was one of my role models and instructor in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis in 1995. 

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What is a creative and generative warrior?

Welcome to, the site that reveals the secrets of a creative and generative warrior, ready to transform his life and that of those around him. Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to be able to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals, while others get stuck in routine and dissatisfaction? The key lies in the ability to adopt the mentality of the creative and generative warrior.


Life can quickly become routine and unsatisfying. We often find ourselves stuck in a pattern of repetitive thoughts and actions, without seeing any real progress or accomplishments. There is a solution to break out of this cycle and lead a fulfilling life, full of creativity, self-realization and deep connection with others. The path of the creative and generative warrior gives you the tools to transform your life and realize your dreams. Explore the different key concepts of this unique approach and discover how they can help you achieve a level of success and well-being that you never thought possible.


1.The generative approach: The search for new solutions in life and the martial arts, is based on the idea of accessing our deep creativity and exploring our inner potential. It invites us to transcend the usual limits of our mind, to embrace uncertainty and to discover new ways to solve problems and overcome challenges. This inspiring and energizing approach leads to personal development and increased mastery of our art, allowing us to live fully and in harmony.

2.The intention: The creative warrior begins by setting a clear and powerful intention. This intention guides all actions and decisions, allowing you to focus on what really matters.


3.Consciousness:To be a creative and generative warrior, it is essential to develop a keen awareness of oneself and one's environment. Awareness allows us to recognize opportunities and challenges, and to adapt accordingly.


4.The connection:The creative warrior cultivates authentic and deep relationships with others, thus promoting mutual support, inspiration and personal growth.


5.Resilience:In the face of obstacles and trials, the creative warrior demonstrates resilience and determination, using these challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.


6.Creativity:The creative warrior recognizes that creativity is a skill that can be developed and cultivated. By taking a creative approach to problem solving and goal achievement, innovative and effective solutions can be found.


7.Generosity:The creative warrior understands that generosity and abundance go hand in hand. By freely sharing their talents, resources and time, they attract even more success and happiness.


8.The balance:Finally, the creative and generative warrior seeks balance between the different aspects of their life, recognizing the importance of taking care of themselves, nurturing their passions and connecting with loved ones.


9.The anchor:The generative warrior knows that staying grounded and grounded in the present is essential. By cultivating a grounding practice, it is possible to remain connected to oneself and one's inner resources, even in the face of life's challenges and uncertainties.


10.Flexibility:Life is constantly changing, and the Generative Warrior understands the importance of being flexible and adaptable. By developing the ability to change perspective and adopt new approaches, it is possible to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities that arise.


11.The opening:The Generative Warrior is open and receptive to new ideas, experiences, and people. This open-mindedness allows him to learn from his environment and to constantly enrich himself.


12.Curiosity:Curiosity is a powerful driver for the generative warrior. By cultivating an inquisitive mind and asking questions, it is possible to discover new perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us.


13.Intuition:The generative warrior learns to listen to and trust their intuition, that inner voice that guides and directs. By developing this connection with oneself, it is possible to make informed decisions and access deep wisdom.


14.The hypnotic trance:The generative warrior masters the art of hypnotic trance to access altered states of consciousness and explore the depths of their mind. This practice unlocks hidden resources, overcomes internal obstacles and accelerates the process of personal transformation.


Take the example of a martial artist facing a particularly tough opponent. By integrating the 14 key concepts of the generative warrior, he could transcend obstacles and find new solutions to overcome this challenge:


  1. The generative approach: he would explore his inner potential and his creativity to find innovative techniques.

  2. The intention: he would define a clear and powerful intention to defeat this adversary.

  3. Consciousness :he would develop a keen awareness of his own abilities and those of his opponent.

  4. The connection :he would create deep relationships with his training partners to improve together.

  5. Resilience :he would use this challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning.

  6. Creativity :he would take a creative approach to finding innovative solutions to this adversary.

  7. Generosity :he would share his discoveries with other practitioners to contribute to their development.

  8. The balance :he would seek a balance between his various techniques and skills to defeat this opponent.

  9. The anchor:he would remain rooted in the present to better react to his opponent's moves.

  10. Flexibility :he would be ready to change strategy if necessary to adapt to different situations.

  11. The opening: he would remain open and receptive to new ideas and experiences to overcome this challenge.

  12. Curiosity: he would cultivate an inquisitive mind to discover new perspectives and techniques.

  13. Intuition:he would listen to his intuition to make informed decisions in combat.

  14. The hypnotic trance: he would use hypnotic trance to access altered states of consciousness and explore the depths of his mind, thus unlocking hidden resources.


By integrating these key concepts into your journey as a creative and generative warrior, you will discover new dimensions of your potential and develop a holistic approach to wellness and self-actualization. We encourage you to explore this site and subscribe so you don't miss any of our inspiring tips, resources and stories. Together, let's discover the path of the creative and generative warrior for a life full of meaning, success and deep happiness.

Click on this link to find out more about The Generative Warrior Model

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