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Autodéfense Psychoverbale Series (French)



Mon style  Tu peux l'appeler l'art de se battre sans se battre! (1).png

Psychoverbal self-defense is an art of fighting without fighting. Learn Psychoverbal Self Defense Today. To train in psychoverbal self-defense. Get tools that will help you become proficient at defusing conflict. What are you waiting for to get our book series on ADPV?

Learn how to defend yourself verbally, sparing your hands and becoming much more confident! Psychoverbal Self Defense is fun, convenient, and easy! No experience is required. You can learn by reading our books or practicing our techniques online. Our Psychoverbal Self Defense book series is like having your own private instructor at home. Learn how to use words to disarm an attacker. Your words are the weapons of Psychoverbal Self-Defense; master them! Train with your friends or family - share the psychoverbal experience today!

WARNING! For the moment, the books are only available in French.

The first book will be translate in English in February!

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