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The warrior model (and mindset) is needed in these times of global upheaval. It can help us consciously engage in action, achieve self-mastery, find solutions to current crises and find meaning in our lives. 

The Way of the Warrior is composed of a series of models and practical tools that can be used in all types of martial arts, combat sports, sports and artistic practices or any other field that aims at excellence from the inside out .

To be all-powerful and strong is a desire that many would like to have. Especially to have power over one's enemies and peers. However, all these feelings are just a temporary "feel good" sensation. As a true and honorable warrior, you do not need to deliberately seek to prove who is superior. BUT by achieving calm within yourself... By understanding your ability to always be better than your little self... You are on the path of the ancient warriors who walked the earth before us...

If you are simply distracted by the petty and minor things in life... Or are upset by a simple remark or criticism... Then let this Warrior Path guide you to your path of empowerment...

Where you will begin the process of mental training... Fully able to silence the unnecessary things in your life and focus on what matters most to you... And live the life you really want, your way!

Un guerrier qui sort son sablre et un méditant devant avec la lune avec symbole yin et yang
Différents arts martiaux et sport de combats. Photo de Steve Arneil, Shigeru Oyama et Mas Oyama.

2- The Martial Way (BUDO), Kyokushinkai Karate and Combat Sports

This section is dedicated to the practice of the martial way (budo), combat sports and Kyokushinkai Karate IFK (style practiced by the founder of this website). 

The author of this website has been practicing Kyokushinkai Karate for 50 years (beginning of 1971) and has always oriented his practice on the martial way. All the Warrior related models on this website have been practiced and taught by the author. Much of the discussion will be oriented towards this style, but will not be limited to it. We will invite other teachers and practitioners to share their knowledge with the members of this site.

When we discuss the sports dimension on this website, we will always do so under the aspect of Budo. Because it is possible to practice the sport part without losing the vision of Budo. By sports competition we mean full contact fighting with or without protection. With different rules to ensure the safety of the practitioner. The aim is that the space destined for combat represents a battlefield, a laboratory for the fighter to test his body, his character, his technique, as well as his tactics and strategies. The objective of the competition is to test one's knowledge in a stressful situation.


Verbal self-defense is a form of non-physical self-defense that uses communication tools to understand and defuse any conflict (internal or external) without the use of violence. Psychoverbal Self-Defense uses the term "martial art" as a metaphor to resolve states of intrapersonal and interpersonal disharmony and to defend against verbal attacks, offensive behavior, as well as emotional and psychological verbal abuse.


Verbal self-defense relates to a different kind of fight, where the punches deployed are instead words backed up by hostile or manipulative language from a verbal attacker who seeks to "screw" you psychologically and emotionally. It is these "verbal slaps" (or non-verbal) which leave you speechless and which, like a "thought virus", come back to haunt you for hours, days, nights, months and even all your life in certain cases. Never be a target or a victim again. Defend yourself effectively!

In China, thousands of years ago, the Shaolin monk who studied an animal form in Kung Fu, learned to imbibe the qualities of the animal. He modeled his strengths, weaknesses, strategy and preferred sphere. The 5 Animal Forms System is a metaphor for learning 5 powerful strategies that work in an alliance.  

When the 5 powers work together, like an alliance, we have access to our personal power. Our actions are congruent and focused in our relational field. Are you using all of these powers?

If you study the The 5 Shaolin animal forms Quadrant, you will notice that each animal form has a distinctive place (each form opposes its neighbors). In reality, these forces do not oppose, but complement each other. An optimal alliance strives for excellence and causes members to cooperate, believing that the result of this alliance will exceed the sum of each party.















When we accept that we have the weaknesses of our strengths, that our weakness is the strength of our partner and that his weakness is our strength; we can cooperate and strengthen each other. 


Take the example of the Tiger and the Serpent. The strength of the Snake is its ability to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of its opponent and to assess its strategy, plan of action, goals and current position on the ground. With all the information he will get, he will make predictions, develop an action plan ... then think again! Its great strength: the ability to think, brings its weakness: perfectionism.  

Now, the shape to the right of the Serpent on our quadrant is the Tiger. The Tiger is the ideal ally to encourage the snake to act. He is pragmatic and realistic. He takes control so as to direct the operations that achieve the targeted objective. His role is to take the Serpent's plan and carry it out on the ground by coordinating the work and motivating his troop to fully commit to the task. The Tiger is excellent at putting into action a perfect plan and he will do it perfectly! The weakness of the Tiger is impatience. He likes things to end quickly. He does not have the serpent's patience to craft a perfect plan. The Tiger knows that the Serpent is of invaluable help to him to compensate for his weaknesses and the Serpent knows that the direct, daring, leader and extrovert side of the Tiger is useful to him to realize his plans.

Le quadrant des 5 formes animales Shaolin selon l'autodéfense psychoverbale.
Couverture du livre Désamorcez les attaques psychoverbales et le quadrant des 5 formes animales
Image du Fitness dans un dojo. Personnages qui fait de l'exercice.


If you are taking a Kyokushin Karate class, you already know that in order to improve yourself and reach a high level in this art, you must have an exceptional level of physical fitness. Improving your fitness is the single most important step that will lead you to the 'new' you!

There are a number of reasons why some people decide to incorporate more fitness into their lives. Whether you want to lose weight, gain height, or improve your well-being, improving your fitness can be the key to being successful in practicing your martial path or following the Warrior's Path.

The basic principles of fitness are to improve your diet and do different forms of exercise. To be successful in improving your fitness, you need to put in 100% effort and commitment.

When you think about fitness, it's essential that you take the big picture. You should know that fitness is not just about endurance, strength or fat percentage, but it is also a combination of these factors. You can be strong, but not have endurance. You can have stamina, but be less flexible. When it comes to fitness, you need to aim for balance. There are five components that make up good fitness. Mastering these components will bring you long-term benefits and added value to your overall well-being and physical condition. These components are:


1– Aerobic endurance - repetitive or rhythmic activities place an increased demand for oxygen on your body systems, lungs and heart. The goal of this component is to train other muscles and the heart to use oxygen efficiently, allowing exercise to continue for a long time.

2- Muscle strength — This is the ability of the muscles in your body to produce a tremendous amount of force to use anaerobic energy. This energy produces a short-term burst of energy and does not require oxygen. Anaerobic energy comes after the carbohydrates have been burned, which is necessary to replenish the system.

3- Muscle Endurance — This is a measure of your muscles' ability to repeatedly generate force to maintain activity. It is about the use of raw forces. Compared to other components, it combines anaerobic and aerobic energy.

4 - Flexibility - It is the ability of a person to stretch. You can increase your flexibility by stretching the elastic fibers beyond their limits and keeping the muscles stretched for several moments. With better flexibility, the risk of injury decreases when you exercise and increase your performance.

5 - Body composition - It tells you the percentage of bone, muscle and fat in your body. These percentages will give you an overview of your fitness and health in relation to your health, age and weight. If you are overweight, it does not imply obesity. In fact, there are a lot of physically fit people who are overweight because they have gained muscle. But, if you are overweight, you present health risks that can include high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.


To support you in your pursuit of excellence, exercise programs should incorporate nutrition and lifestyle advice if you want the best results.


If you improve the way you eat, and want to have a healthy lifestyle, you will see remarkable results.

What if there was a simple coaching resource that let you do just that?


Knowing how to have optimal nutrition, fit for a warrior, and healthy recipes is one of the models that make up The Warrior Model. Register as a member of this site to receive all the information on the Warrior's healthy diet.

Image d'un plat de nutrition du Guerrier. Salade, noix, fruits et canneberge et morceau de poulet.
Logo Succès-Do qui représente un coeur, un méditant avec les trois centres énergétiques allignés.

6. Success-Do

Success-Do is a system that allows us to propel ourselves on the path to success. You could really describe it as a propulsion system.


Do you really want to make a major change in the way you approach your daily life?  It is our secret weapon that we will use to create creative and generative solutions.


It is when everything is assembled and put into action (somatize, put in our muscles) that we fulfill our dreams.



  • The 5 human powers 

  • Aligning our three minds: the cognitive mind (mind), the somatic mind (the body-emotion) and the relational mind (Heart).

  • The 5 superpowers to make our weapon of mass creation work



In early December, we'll come back to this method and how to implement it to create massive change. I will share with you some articles on this method based on the 5 powers that allow us to apply the metastrategy (the 5 strategies) to manifest our personal and interpersonal goals and objectives.

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