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Beyond the Battle: The Deep Essence of the Generative Warrior

"Picture yourself in the arena, facing an opponent. The competition is fierce, the fight is real. However, rather than merely drawing on your raw strength, I urge you to train tirelessly to become more powerful, more empathetic, and smarter.

Imagine this as a trance where every move and decision stems from a deep place of awareness and connection.

In my philosophy, power is a combination of physical strength + speed transferred into techniques (fast movement of mass from point A to point B), related to the somatic aspect. Then, at the cognitive level, one must have an excellent perception of distance, accuracy, and timing to move from point A and reach point B. It is at the relational level that we apply our know-how and interpersonal skills to defeat the opponent.

It is also the manifestation of your profound connection with your own being, an energy that springs from within, fueled by self-confidence and the alignment of your centers.

Empathy, especially in the context of fighting, is crucial. It is through it that we connect with our partner.

Empathy is the ability to feel and anticipate the movements and intentions of our partner. By being fully present and establishing a connection (rapport) with your partner, you can navigate the fight with unmatched clarity and fluidity.

Creative and generative intelligence is the art of innovation, seeing opportunities where others only see obstacles. It's also the quick ability to detect your partner's anomalies and take advantage of them.

Every fight is a blank canvas, an opportunity to co-create, improvise, and innovate. It's in this space that your true genius can express itself.

When your three minds (cognitive-somatic-relational) are aligned, you enter the excellence zone, this generative trance space. In this state, fighting becomes a profound expression of who you are, far beyond a mere competition.

Training is crucial. The way you train is reflected in the way you fight. If you train with intent and awareness, you'll behave the same way in the real fight.

I want to emphasize the importance of continuous learning: "In life's arena, and in combat, I neither win nor lose, I learn." Embrace this mindset, for it will guide you to excellence in both fighting and life.

This is the way of the (Generative) Warrior - Gaetan Sauvé."

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