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Did you know that Mike Tyson's killer instinct was developed through hypnosis at the age of 12?

My next few articles will explain how hypnosis made Mike Tyson a ferocious animal in the ring.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has credited his long-time hypnotherapist, John Halpin, with helping him succeed in the ring. Tyson began working with Halpin in the 1980s when he was under the tutelage of legendary boxing trainer Cus D'Amato.

Tyson says that Halpin helped him not only to express his killer instinct but to focus and stay calm before fights and that this was a crucial part of his success. He also believes that the mental aspects of boxing are just as important as the physical.

This is a fascinating insight into the mind of one of the greatest boxers of all time. It shows that even the most successful athletes need help to perform at their best.

When it comes to fighting, it's not just about physical strength and conditioning. The mental aspect is just as important, if not more so. And that's where Sports Transcendence techniques can help you enormously.

Hypnosis can help you focus and stay calm under pressure. It can also help you visualize success and winning. All of this can give you a great advantage in combat. Personally, it has been for me and the students I have coached. I have been practicing, studying and coaching hypnosis since 1975.

So if you are looking to improve your fighting skills, don't forget the power of hypnosis. It could be the key to victory.

By the way, I'm still working on a 5-month-old sports trance training for combat sports, of which hypnosis or sports trance is an important part of that program. To be continued for those interested...

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