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For those who like to climb to the top

The warrior, looking at the view from the top of the mountain, had this thought.

No matter what form of martial arts we practice or what organization we are a part of, at the top of the mountain, we almost all share the same types of values, strategies, skills and behaviors that have allowed us to climb the mountain. Assembled at the top of the mountain, we have the same view.

Those who remain at the bottom of the mountain are the only ones who perceive differences. By choice, ignorance, or full of fear and prejudices, they prefer to stay in their comfort and safety zones, at the bottom of the mountain. Others stay there by choice because their mission is to guide those who want to reach the top. And others maintain the areas to preserve the mountains and the different territories to be explored so that the maximum number of people can explore the nature of their territories. Others, by choice, live there peacefully after having explored new territories all their lives.

Some exceptional people, who feel connected with the mountain at the level of body, heart, and head, go to the top of the mountain without seeming to use any effort and defying time. These people follow their intuitions, act creatively and generate new paths to follow their quests to be the best version of themselves. Creative in their actions and generative in the elegant search for solutions to get to the top.

With these new paths that these people have created and the innovative methods they have used, the people in her community will all benefit.

Since we are all connected in our community, being generative is also about passing on knowledge from generation to generation, so that everyone can benefit from the discoveries that help them climb their mountains better. It creates a community of beautiful people who all encourage each other to become better. The people who make others better will then practice with the best. This creates a generative spiral toward excellence.

The creative and generative warrior on the mountaintop, surrounded by his or her companions, silently gazes out at the view before him or her and thinks, "Yes, this is indeed a beautiful Vision.

After a short and endless moment, he says, "I am on a mission to climb all these mountains and savor every moment to get there because that is what motivates me most to be me. Now!"

Gaetan Sauvé

The Way of the Generative Warrior

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