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Have a vision to align yourself for success

In the 5 Shaolin animal forms of the AMPV, the Dragon embodies clarity of vision, celestial inspiration and the power of direction. Like an inner guide, it illuminates the path to personal excellence, wisdom and fulfilment. It symbolises boldness, creativity and the perpetual quest for progress. By adopting this form, you embark on an inner journey to define and achieve your most ambitious goals, while inspiring others to follow your light. The Dragon is the guardian of vision, reminding us that every dream can become reality with perseverance and faith.

Become the Master of Your Destiny with the Power of Vision

When it comes to survival, we are visual animals. As a species, our vision is our most highly developed sense. We have stereoscopic vision capable of detecting a wide variety of colours and shades. This allows us to easily see movements and certain signs. These combined abilities have enabled us to avoid becoming someone's dinner party while trying to find a dinner party ourselves. Our vision helped us to succeed physically, and it still does today.

The power of attention and our vision

When it comes to success, vision is no less important to survival. However, this is not only linked to our visual sense, vision also involves our sense of imagination and possibility. Vision, in the business sense, is really the ability to visualise powerful goals and objectives. It is the ability to imagine positive outcomes. At its heart, it's the ability to lucidly dream about where you want your business to go.

Visualising should be a daily act to align your vision with your intention.

Don't be afraid to dream. As Henry Ford, one of the inventors of the motor car, said, if you think you can do something or if you think you can't do something, you're right. So take a few minutes each day to visualise exactly where you want to go (the power of intention and attention) and what plan (the power of planning) you're going to use to get there. This is not dreaming, far from it. It's focused development, planning and organisation.

Take action and observe the results so you can do better next time

Plan your day by visualising the optimum results. This is the same process that karatekas use to improve their performance. When you imagine yourself succeeding, you are more likely to succeed. Remember, if you don't take the time to build your own dreams, someone will hire you to take the time to build them for them.

- Gaëtan Sauvé, The Way of the Generative Warrior and the 5 Shaolin Animal Forms of Psychoverbal Martial Art (AMPV)

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