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How to achieve everything you want in life with the warrior mindset

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

If you want to become excellent in Karate or reach a high level in combat sports or any other discipline, you know that you have to work by objectives. When it comes to achieving a goal, do you know what makes one warrior different and stronger than another? Read this article and you will find out.

You probably know a ton of people (maybe even very close to you) who have decided to get in shape, lose weight, eat better, etc. All motivated by this desire or wish to get fit. All motivated by this New Year's wish or desire, they started working out. And a few weeks later, they gave up or postponed their desires to another time.

What is the difference between a warrior and someone who is not a warrior when it comes to achieving goals?

This question was explored by best-selling author Dan Millman in his book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. According to Millman, a warrior is someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. They are focused, disciplined and have a clear idea of what they want. In contrast, someone who is not a warrior may be more scattered and less focused.

The term 'warrior' is often used to describe a person who is determined and strong-willed. Some say that the difference between warriors and non-warriors is that a warrior knows exactly how to get it, while a non-warrior does not, because he or she is motivated only by a desire. We all know that a desire is volatile and has an expiration date about equal to a yogurt or a pint of milk. So while desire and motivation have their place in the success equation, they are not part of the difference that makes all the difference in achieving your goal.

So, what is "above" the motivation that gets you on the road to success?

Let me tell you a personal story. Since 1975, I have always done weight training to help me in my mission to become a Knockdown Karate champion in the discipline of Kyokushin Karate. In 2000, at the age of 40, I set out on a mission to develop my body in a very muscular way like one of my role models from my youth, Sylvester Stallone (in the 80's, when I was a Karate Knockdown athlete, one of my role models for endurance and perseverance was Rocky).

I used my philosophy of the warrior model to achieve this new goal. I activated all my experiences as a coach in Kyokushin Karate, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychology, Sports Hypnosis, Success-Do (science of success), in short, everything that makes up my Warrior Model and its attitude. In 2005, 5 years later, I achieved this goal. I managed to maintain this form for many years. The photo in this article is from 2010. I was 50 years old at that time.

When it comes to achieving your goal, do you know what makes a warrior different and stronger than a non-warrior?

His mission. Yes! A warrior does everything in his power to achieve his mission, which is always greater than himself. The big difference between a warrior and an ordinary person is that the former is committed to a mission while the latter follows a goal that is the result of a desire. The ordinary person will stop when his desire fades or is replaced by a new desire. The desire to be fit or to look like one's role models is not enough to face the obstacles we will find on the road.

For a warrior, his mission is his reason for being, and that' s all. Without a mission to achieve, a warrior is at rest or on holiday.

Whatever your goal, aim for it with the mindset of a warrior who is on a mission. You will achieve whatever you plan. I tell you, destiny is no match for a Warrior, it must bow to him and let him achieve.

In this article, we have discussed the critical importance of following a mission in achieving your challenges and goals. I shared with you the importance of not just being motivated by motivational desires, but of committing yourself to a mission.

If you want to learn how to achieve one of your missions, develop unwavering determination and live your life with the mindset of a warrior. We share quality articles that will help you overcome your limitations and achieve your dreams. If you liked this article, subscribe to our blog now and our mailing list.

Gaëtan Sauvé

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