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The Mother of All Strategies: The Warrior's Secret Weapon

THE SUCCESS-DO METHOD: Just for a change!

Do you use a method each year where your goals, objectives and activities are aligned with the way of your heart?

Or is it more oriented towards New Year's resolutions, which will fall by the wayside a few weeks or months later?

Do you make a list of your goals that you want to achieve in your head or on paper by copying and pasting the list from past years?

Let me introduce you to a project on a secret weapon, which we have been working on for decades, in our secret laboratory.

This weapon is not a conventional weapon at all, far from it. But it can be the most powerful of weapons if you take the time to build one and launch it.

The Warrior's Secret Weapon

I have created what I call the Warrior's secret weapon! Instead of being a weapon of mass destruction, it is a weapon of mass creation. The weapon of Massive Creation and excellence.

We all know that to win a war, the warrior must be a good strategist and tactician. Without a solid plan, he will lose the war probably before he even starts.

When I was a teenager, my favourite books were Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings (Gorin no Sho) and Sun Tzu's Art of War. I learned that the mind is much more powerful than the body.

It is the art of strategy and tactics that allows us to win battles, not only the quantity and quality of weapons. The latter only serve to apply the former in the field.

So I realised that if I wanted to become an expert in combat, I had to spend as much time practising my mind. Which is what I have been doing since I was 15 years old.

Going from X to Y

With this training, I share with you the strategies and tactics to get from where you are to where you want to be.

We will walk you through this process of change, if you wish to set in motion this propulsion system towards your desired target.

This method is represented by the Weapon of Mass Creation and Excellence.

Let me show you how easy it is to understand and use this method that will set you on the path to success.

Take some time to study the outline of this method

The chart above is a summary of our method and is constructed in such a way that it does not leave out any of the important elements to achieve our goals and objectives.

This weapon is the weapon of Massive Creation and Excellence.

For it enables you to co-create your destiny and achieve excellence. It serves as a reminder of our method used in this training.

Notice that there are three parts to our weapon

The first part: the head. The head is represented by the pyramid of metastrategy. The black tip at the top of the pyramid is the "seeker head", which is represented by our Vision and Mission. This part gives us a clear direction and meaning to our quest.

The pyramid represents the 5 strategies to reach the goal that you can imagine. If you can imagine it, this metastrategy can help you achieve it.

The five strategies of the metastrategy are

1. Focusing on the goals to be achieved;

2. Collect information about the targets;

3. Plan according to the terrain;

4. Commit to action;

5. Feedback, extraction and debriefing.

Part 2: The body

The second part, in the middle, is the body of our weapon. It allows us to understand why most of the methods to achieve our goals fail most of the time.

The white side represents the goal to be achieved. The grey side refers to the means used to manifest the goal in our field, on the territory.

Many people do not know the difference between a goal and an objective, some even use these two terms as synonyms. This is one of the reasons why writing our goals without understanding this important distinction can only make us fail in the medium and long term.

From now on you will adopt the BOA method and the inner North Star (Vision and Mission). The BOA method comes from the three words: Goals Objectives and Activities or Actions. The difference between a goal and an objective is written into the body of our weapon.

For example, a goal is the end we want to achieve and is part of an intrinsic motivation, which comes from within. Whereas Objectives are the means by which we achieve that end. Activities are the actions required (means) to achieve these goals. The motivations here are extrinsic, i.e. they come from the outside.

You will notice that the mission is a means to our vision, which is an end.

The third part: the energy, the essence.

The third part, at the bottom, is the energy, the essence that propels our Weapon of Massive Creation. This is where our resources come from. These are the five powers of Success-Do.

These five powers are :

1. The power of intention;

2. The power of attention;

3. The power of planning;

4. The power of action;

5. The power of feedback.

You will notice that each power is linked to a strategy in the metastrategy. These powers increase the power of your metastrategy tenfold.

We will come back to each of these powers in more articles.

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